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Why Buy An American Home Store Modular Or Manufactured Home.


CheckThe best value for your money

Modular homes are built in factories, and benefit from the assembly line production process. The KIT Home Builders factory buys huge quantities of lumber, sheet rock, carpet, paint, etc., they pay much less for each and can have large quantities delivered at one time. Labor is used with maximum efficiency, with skilled craftsman moving between workstations on the factory floor.
Contact your local builder to find out how these cost savings are passed on to you.

CheckThe highest quality

Kit Modular Homes are built in a modern controlled environment, and they are precision engineered for a lifetime of trouble-free structural durability. Quality control is maintained by constant inspection throughout the construction process. To see inside a factory, please click here.
To insure a safe and secure trip to your property, Kit modular homes are built especially well, using high quality materials. For example, there is typically 20% to 30% more lumber used in framing your home and most factories GLUE as well as nail or screw the components of the home together.

CheckPeace of mind

Buying a KIT modular home gives you peace of mind - you won't have to worry about:

So if you're looking for peace of mind you should contact American Home Store your local modular builder.

CheckSpeedy turnaround (Currently around a 6 Month Back log So order NOW!)

On the average, a home consisting of two or three sections will be built in the factory within a couple of weeks. Once your home is placed on its foundation, final completion takes two or three weeks. This schedule allows you to move more quickly, and knowing when your new home will be ready helps you plan your move better. You can learn more about the site work phase on this page. As site preparation work differs for each property, you should contact your local builder for a more exact schedule for your home.

CheckLower home ownership costs

Repair bills can really add up. Modular homes are built in a modern controlled environment using high quality materials. They are precision engineered for a lifetime of trouble-free structural durability. A well-built house is a home that is easier and less costly to maintain.

CheckGreater energy efficiency

Additional factory insulation and precision building techniques make the modular house a super efficient energy conservation home. And of course this cost saving lasts every year you're living in the house. And it helps your resale value too!

CheckDesign your own dream house

KIT your modular home manufacturer has many different design plans for you to choose from. You can even custom design your own house and American Home Store will work with you to bring it to a reality.

CheckMortgage lenders want your business

KIT Modular homes are considered the same as site built homes and are becoming more popular and financial institutions eager to write new loans.

CheckResale value

From the outside your home might look just like a normal house, but after all those years, quality shows through. KIT Modular Homes are precision built at the factory and they're built to last. Your home requires less maintenance and your energy bills are lower than your neighbors. When you come to sell your home, you'll be glad it's a modular

CheckThe tenth reason

A new home is the biggest expense of your life. Don't buy one without checking out all the alternatives. Find out why in some states one in four new homes are now modular. Contact American Home Store for information today and you can do your own research.