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IRC Modular Homes

Each of our homes can be built as an IRC modular home. This means that the home is built to a local or state building code and not a national code. The most significant difference on an IRC modular home is that there is no steel frame that remains on the home, as the frame is only for transportation purposes.
Below is an overview of the differences between our HUD code manufactured homes and our IRC modular homes. Click here for a printable PDF of this information and Contact us for more details.

Frame remains on home

Removable frame

2"x6" or 2"x8" Floor Joists 16" OC

2"x10" Floor Joists 16" OC

Single 2"x6" (or 8") Rim Rail on exterior sidewall
endwalls and mating walls

2"x10" Rim Rails Around floor (certain tie down
areas will have double rail when required)

Exterior walls have 2"x6" Top Plates and 1"x6"
Bottom Plates

Exterior walls have Double 2"x6" Top Plate and
2"x6" Bottom plate

Cedar Canyon Interior walls with 2"x4" studs 24" OC with 2"x4" Top Plate and 1"x4" Bottom Plate (Cedar Canyon LS interior wall 2''x3" studs 24" OC)

Cedar Canyon Interior walls with 2"x4" studs 24" OC with 2"x4" Top & Bottom Plates (Cedar Canyon LS 2"x3" studs-forced option to go 16" OC)

All Other Series Interior walls with 2"x4" studs 16"
OC with 2"x4" Top Plate and 1"x4" Bottom Plate

All Other Series Interior walls with 2"x4" studs 16"
OC with 2"x4" Top and Bottom Plates

30# Roof Load (HUD Rafter)

30# Roof Load (IRC Modular Rafter)

Shingle Underlayment with 15# Paper

Shingle Underlayment with 30# Felt Underlayment
and Ice Shield (ice shield only when required in certain

Roof Pitches 2.66:12 on 40 Wides, 3:12 & 4:12 on
28 Wides, 3.31:12 on 30 Wides with eaves of 8", 12"
and 14"

Roof Pitches on all houses at 3:12 with 12" eaves

Insulation R-40 Roof, R-21 Wall, R-33 Floor

Insulation R-40 Roof, R-21 Wall and R-11 Floor Insulation that is Shipped Loose

Cresdeck Floor Decking

3/4" Cres-X Floor Decking

Typical Window & Door Headers are single 2"x6"
Lay Flat Headers (depend on size of window and roof

Double Vertical 2"x4" Window & Door Headers
(depend on size of window opening and roof load)

7/16" OSB Underlayment w/House Wrap installed
under Lap, vinyl, log siding only--Not installed under
Smart Panel

7/16" OSB Underlayment w/House Wrap installed
under all exterior sidings

7/16" Facia Board

5/4 Facia Board

40 Gallon Electric Water Heater (50 gallon in
Golden State)

50 Gallon Residential Electric Water Heater

M/H Electric Furnace with return air vents in walls
above bedroom doors

Residential Electric Furnace

Plumbing with auto vents and some vents through

All plumbing vents through roof

No Water Softener Plumbing Loop required

Water Softener plumbing loop (only required in
certain jurisdictions)

Drain water system complete

Drain system plumbed through floor with on site
work required

No Pressure & Temperature Balanced faucets
required on tub/showers

Pressure & Temperature Balanced faucets on

6" or 8" Heat Duct Boots

10" Heat Duct Boots

1-1/2" Drain and P-traps

2" Drain and P-traps on tubs & showers

1" x6" Sub Facia

2"x4" Sub Facia

Whole House Water Shutoff Valve included in
laundry plumbing hook up box

Separate Whole House Water Shutoff valve box

Cedar Canyon with non-FHA grade carpet, All
Others with FHA grade carpet

FHA Grade Carpet

Smoke detectors in all bedrooms and in living

Smoke detectors inside each bedroom and outside
each bedroom area and in living areas